4 Reasons why Magnetic Wool Underlays are so Popular

Wool underlays have been a popular item of bedding for a long time. With l added comfort and cosiness that they add, they are a staple on many beds across the world.

However, the newest development in the world of wool underlays is a magnetic wool underlay. Magnetic wool underlays are underlays that are constructed with a number of small magnetics built into them.

Its thick wool padding ensures that each individual magnet is not felt while you sleep and most underlays have an elasticated skirt which ensures that the underlay does not slip or slide beneath you.

People all over Australia are now choosing these magnetic wool underlays over regular wool underlays. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Helps immune system

Your immune system helps your body to fight infections and to resist colds and sicknesses. That’s not new info for you.

What might be new is that, while not proven, it has been reported that sleeping on a magnetic wool underlay can help your body’s immune system to function better, therefore making you more resistant to illnesses.

  1. Arthritis relief

It has long been said that magnetic therapy can have a positive effect on the debilitating effects of arthritis.

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of a person’s body causing swelling and inflammation, which results in reduced movement and painful discomfort.

For some people, magnetic therapy has been helpful in managing this painful condition particularly when the sufferer uses magnetic underlays or bed toppers.

  1. Improves well being

Our body’s cells and the cells of almost all living organisms are full of electromagnetic charges, which is what keeps these cells alive.

Although not fully understood, it has been reported that magnetic fields can interact with the electromagnetic nature of our body’s cells in a positive way.

This, in turn, enhances the biological function of our body’s, improving the body’s physical and chemical performance, which can better our overall health and general well being.

  1. Convenient

Magnetic wool underlays are a convenient way to avail of magnetic therapy while you sleep. What makes them even more attractive is that they can be used with your electric blanket if you so wish. Also, they don’t need any electrical cabling so there’s no need to be close to an electrical outlet. And they encompass all other benefits of wool bedding such as temperature regulation and natural resistance to fire and bacteria.

Choosing a magnetic wool underlay could have many positive effects on your body’s health and vitality and with all the benefits of wool to go with it – it’s a winning combination.

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