Bedding Shopping: A Quick Guide to Quilt Fillings

When it comes to choosing quilts, people have much more choice now than they ever had before. In addition to the traditional materials such as cotton and polyester, bamboo and woollen quilts have become extremely popular.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about the four different quilt fillings that we’ve just mentioned, keep reading as we talk about them in a little more detail.

  1. Cotton quilts

Harvested from cotton plants, cotton is a very popular material for quilts as it is soft, practical and washable.

Cotton is generally regarded as the most traditional type of quilt filling and is perfect if you are looking for a soft, lightweight quilt that is suitable for all seasons.

  1. Polyester quilts

Polyester quilts are another popular type of quilt in Australia and many people opt for them as they are available in different levels of thickness and are very warm. Polyester is an artificial, manmade fibre that is formed from a combination of synthetic polymers.

A polyester quilt is very durable and easy to maintain, however, they are one of the most flammable types of quilts, which is an important consideration, especially if you are choosing a quilt for a child or an elderly person.

  1. Bamboo quilts

Bamboo quilts are probably not as well-known as their cotton and polyester counterparts but they are surely becoming more prevalent with homeowners. Bamboo fibres are long and strong and when woven into material, they are very soft.

A bamboo quilt can be easily washed and is not prone to excessive shrinkage. One of the biggest selling points of a bamboo quilt is that it is an eco-friendly choice as bamboo is a sustainable resource.

  1. Wool quilts

Wool quilts are probably the warmest type of quilt as wool is a natural insulator.

However, wool quilts are famed for their body temperature regulation properties in that wool filling can warm the body but can wick moisture away from it if the temperature begins to overheat.

In this way, a wool quilt can create a perfect sleeping environment. They are extremely soft and hold their shape very well in comparison with other quilt fillings.

Choosing the right doona filling is important as you need to ensure that your quilt will fulfil your particular sleeping requirements. Whether you want a warm, heavy quilt or softer and lightweight bedding, knowing all differences between the most popular types of quilt available will definitely help you greatly. Happy bed shopping!

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