How to Protect your Pillows and Bedding from Dust Mites

When you snuggle down into your bed at night, the last thing you want to think of is a dust mite, right?

Unfortunately, the presence of dust mites are a fact of life and the chances are that you have dust mites in your bed, regardless of how clean you think it is.

Dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures that survive on human flakes of skin making your bed the perfect breeding ground.

Their presence is inevitable but, having said that, there are some ways in which you can protect your pillows and bedding from dust mites and we’re about to uncover some of them.

  1. Wash your bedding

Everybody washes their bedding because, after all, it’s the hygienic thing to do. However, the more regularly you wash your bedding, the less attractive it becomes to dust mites.

As to how often you should wash your bedding, it is recommended that you put it through a hot wash cycle at least once a week.

Drying your sheets, pillows, pillow covers, duvet covers and duvet in a hot dryer will give you even more protection against dust mites.

  1. Use protectors

Investing in a high quality pillow protector and a mattress protector can also help to prevent you from coming into contact with dust mites.

Some mattress and pillow protectors have a tight weave that prevents dust mites from penetrating while still being very soft to touch.

These protectors also prevent moisture from affecting your pillow and mattress, which can result in mould growth – a perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

  1. Replace old pillows

Your pillows should be replaced on a regular basis and we recommend that you throw out your old pillows and buy some new replacements every 6 – 12 months.

If you have down pillows, you will find that they can’t be cleaned as easily in the washing machine so they should be replaced more regularly.

  1. Professional cleaning

To keep your mattress free of dust mites, you should schedule it in for a professional dust mite removal cleaning.

Every 3 to 6 months should be enough to keep your mattress dust mite free and with a professional service, you know the job is being done thoroughly and to a high standard.

Although you cannot completely eradicate dust mites from your bedding, if you follow the tips we have shared with you, you can relax in the knowledge that your bedding is as dust mite free as possible!

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