Invited to a Baby Shower? Impress the mummy-to-be with these 3 fantastic baby gifts!

If you have been invited to a baby shower, getting a gift for the baby is a must! This is because the highlight of any baby shower is the unwrapping of lots of gorgeous baby gifts to a serenade of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from all guests!

If you want your gift to stand out and be special, we have three great ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Baby hampers

Baby hampers are a fantastic gift to give any mummy-to-be, as they are fun and also extremely practical.

You can make the gift even more thoughtful if you put it together yourself. Using a wicker basket or small baby bath, fill it with baby products, nappies, bottles and small items of clothing such as bootees, hats and vests.

  1. Baby quilt

A baby quilt is a beautiful and useful gift to give a mummy-to-be.

If the baby’s gender is known, you can choose a pink or blue baby quilt or you can opt for a gender neutral colour such as yellow or green if the baby’s gender hasn’t been revealed.

A baby quilt is a long-lasting gift which may even become a family heirloom so choose a high quality baby quilt that is guaranteed to last.

  1. Baby photo-shoot

Everybody knows that new-born babies grow so quickly in their first few weeks.

For that reason, a gift certificate for a new-born baby photo-shoot is a perfect baby shower gift as it will capture those first few days of the baby’s life in a special and creative way.

There are many different baby shower gifts that you can choose from but any of these three gifts will ensure that your present will be truly appreciated.

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