Top 3 advantages for the baby who sleeps on a wool underlay

As a parent, you’re most likely fully aware of the importance of choosing the right baby bedding and baby quilt for your infant.

That said; did you know that there are also significant advantages to having your baby sleep on a wool underlay?

Read on to discover how your baby could benefit from sleeping on baby wool underlay.

  1. Draws moisture away from your baby

Wool has a natural ability to draw moisture away from the body. This means that a wool underlay can pull excess moisture away from your baby, trapping this moisture within its own fibres.

This results in a much more comfortable and hygienic sleeping environment for your little one.

  1. Extra padding

Another obvious advantage of having your baby sleep on a wool underlay is that it provides additional padding.

The wool fibres distribute a baby’s weight over a larger surface area when compared with many other materials.

The additional comfort resulting from this underlay means that your little one could sleep better and for longer.

  1. Temperature regulation

Wool fibres also have an ability to regulate body temperature. On colder nights, dense wool fibres will keep your baby warm and snug.

And, on warmer nights, the breathable wool fibres reduce heat by allowing air to circulate. Again, this means a much more comfortable night’s sleep for your infant, whatever temperature it may be outside.

It is safe to say that babies experience higher levels of comfort when sleeping on a wool underlay. This helps them sleep for longer which, in turn, results in a more well-rested, happier baby.

Invest today and thank us later!

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