Top bedding gifts for friends and family this Christmas!

It might not seem like the most obvious of presents but bedding is a super gift to give your friends and family this Christmas. It’s something we all need and is well received by young and old alike.

From cosy comforters to downy doonas, there are so many different types of bedding that would make a thoughtful and welcome gift.

In this article, we suggest some of our top picks of bedding that you could consider gifting this Christmas:

  1. Quilts

Quilts are the perfect Christmas gift and there is a huge selection to choose from. For that special person in your life, why not consider a quilt that is a little different to standard types such as a bamboo quilt or an Australian wool quilt?

These quilts are very luxurious and super comfy and will guarantee a fantastic night’s sleep. They would be a welcome addition to any bedroom and will be used long after the Christmas cheer has ended.

  1. Throws

For a gift that is a little different, a bedroom throw is a perfect choice.

Warm and snuggly, a throw is very versatile as it can serve a decorative purpose in a bedroom but also has a functional aspect as it can be used to sit on in your garden or beach or to wrap up in on your sofa when temperatures drop.

You can choose throws made from wool, microfibre, fleece or cotton and you can even get a patterned one to match your loved one’s preferences.

  1. Mattress toppers

A mattress topper is a padded later placed between your mattress and your flat sheets. It provides extra padding and comfort and also gives additional support to your body.

You can give the gift of superior comfort to your friends and family with a mattress topper. For extra luxury, invest in a memory foam mattress topper, which really would be spoiling your loved one(s).

  1. Comforters

Comforters are also known as bedspreads and are a very easy way to smarten up a bedroom as well as ensuring additional warmth and cosiness.

A comforter is neither too heavy nor too light making them a super choice. You can also choose from plain dyed comforters or a patterned kind if you think your loved one would prefer it.

For a very luxurious Christmas gift, a down comforter would be a great choice!

What better gift this Christmas than a gift of comfort and rest as well as providing beautiful accessories for any bedroom?

You surely won’t go wrong with the gift of beautiful bedding this Christmas!

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