De-bunking the popular myth – “But I don’t need a mattress underlay during the summer!”

Mattress underlays are usually associated with adding warmth to a bed, which is particularly useful when you live in a cold climate.

However, if you live in a country that experiences cold weather at only certain times of the year, what do you do with your mattress underlay for the other months?

We are often advised to pull off our mattress underlays as soon as warmer weather returns but this is a popular myth and is not necessarily the best advice to follow.

We’re about to give you the correct info on why leaving your mattress underlay on your bed all year round makes good sense!

  1. Added support

A good mattress underlay such as an Australian woollen underlay does a lot more than just make you and your bed warmer and cosier.

In fact, the structure of wool fibres gives you added support as you lay in bed, which protects your spine and musculature as you sleep.

This added support can also revitalise an old or aging mattress so if yours is getting on in age, keeping your mattress underlay on throughout the year provides you with the necessary support your mattress might need and prolong its life for a bit longer.

  1. You won’t overheat

A mattress underlay is synonymous with heat and warmth but if you have an Australian wool underlay, you may be fascinated to know that the wool fibres ‘breathe’.

This natural breathability means that your body is helped to self-regulate its temperature, creating an optimum sleeping environment for you – not too hot and not too cold.

If you don’t have a wool underlay, you can turn yours over so that the cotton side is face up. Cotton is also a breathable material but it doesn’t have the added properties that wool has.

  1. Added protection

A mattress underlay also provides invaluable protection to your mattress as it can safeguard it from a number of different things.

For example, it prevents moisture and stains from affecting the surface which will, in turn, improve the hygiene levels of your bedding.

This means that you’ll be breathing in less bacteria and microscopic particles, something that can only have a positive effect on your own health.

While it’s not as effective as a mattress protector, a mattress underlay can certainly go a long way in protecting your mattress in this way.

So, in short, there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving your mattress underlay on your bed all year round so our advice is to go for it. You can thank us later!

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