Is your little one keeping you up at night? If so, here are 4 golden rules to a better night’s sleep.

If you’ve a little new-born in your home, you’ll agree that the importance of sleep takes on a whole different level of importance when babies are involved.

An uninterrupted night of sleep – what’s that we hear you say?

If your little one is keeping you from your beauty sleep, the following points may help you to overcome that one issue that’s standing in your way.

  1. Choose the right sleepwear

New-born babies should be dressed comfortably in order to sleep longer. This means that you should dress your baby appropriately for both weather conditions and the internal temperature.

If it is warm and sticky, dress your baby in light, cotton sleepwear. If, on the other hand, temperatures are dropping, consider a fleecy onesie or a cotton sleep suit with a light cardigan.

  1. Have cosy bedding

Keeping your baby comfortable is one of the key tricks to longer sleeping. However, a baby is unable to regulate his/her own body temperature, which is why investing in appropriate bed linen is so important.

A wool quilt is a good choice as its natural wool fibres draw moisture away from the baby’s skin if they are too hot. Similarly, a woollen baby quilt acts as a natural insulator, retaining body heat when temperatures get cool.

  1. Get into a routine

Getting your newborn baby into a routine as soon as possible is key to everything. Create a routine that works for you and stick to it as best you can.

Babies respond positively to the familiarity of routine so never overlook the power of bath, bottle and bed.

Simple routines just like this provide a child with stability and reassurance which helps their minds relax and allow them to sleep better.

  1. Avoid rocking baby to sleep

Avoid regular rocking at all costs! Yep, you heard us correctly.

Rocking your baby can create a reliance on this rocking movement to drift off, and this is something that will cause you more hassle than it’s worth.

That said; it may be the only way to get your baby asleep some nights and, if that’s true, just go for it. But don’t create a routine where it’s the only thing that will get your little one off to sleep.

Follow our advice to a better night’s sleep and let us know which one of the points above worked for you.

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